Storing food for doomsday is obviously an intricate part in surviving as long as possible. As far as good goes, it is essential to get canned foods. For one, you don't know how long you're going to be put out of your home, or put out of your city, so it's important to stock up on foods that are going to last. Granted, canned foods are not exactly synonymous with a healthy diet, but are you more concerned with following every health statute, or staying alive? I thought so.

So, canned foods are good, maybe microwave stuff that you will be able to heat in a pot over a nice fire. Cause this is most likely how you will start to cook your food. Other foods that are good, are stuff that is plastic-sealed, like small snacks, candy, etc. This is if you want to treat yourself, but the essentials would be canned vegetables (ie. corn, green beans, spinach, or even canned asparagus and celery). And also, soups are good, if you are going to be having meals on the go.

Bread will most likely go bad, so in this instance, you'd want to stock up on some saltine crackers, because it's essential for your body to have some form of carbs. These are just a few. I would also suggest a good amount of research to see which foods are non-perishable, and will outlast the most extreme of circumstances.